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Regardless of the particular discipline he’s working in, Stephen Germana appreciates complexity and maximalism.

Germana performs experimental music, an improvisational performance practice that balances between noise, drone, free jazz and his background as a classically trained performer of stringed instruments. Sometimes this work is processed or prepared using computers or

electronics (homemade and consumer) and may feature traditional scores or alternative methods of notation. He builds instruments and other objects for installation, performance, radio, and for works of inhuman duration. Other mediums employed are algorithmic video, painting, sculpting, and photography.


He teaches Fine Arts in South Florida, current and past subjects include Art and Design, Art History, Media Studies, Digital Media, Photography and Music Theory.  He has a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the Art Institute of Chicago, a Master of Music in Performance from the University of Miami, and a Bachelor of Music in Performance from the University of Minnesota. Germana lives in West Palm Beach with his partner Sarah Knudtson and their cats, Roland and Boonmee (Meep).

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