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To listen to or purchase Beethoven Death Mask on cassette or as a digital download -

To listen to or purchase Autocatalytic on cassette or as a digital download -

This is some solo guitar work I did for a set of pieces, Music To Have Nightmares To (2009). It was all done in one take.

This is an excerpt from a solo piece for a modified guitar tuned in just intonation accompanied by vibrating metal planes covered with glass, amplified and treated with effects. (2013)

Based on the Roland Barthes' The Grain of the Voice, I scored found footage of an obsolete harvest with feedback; which is a sound that I use to demonstrate gradations of failure, degrees of control and the myth of simultaneity in circuits. (2013)

This is the raw footage of our recording of Juan Pablo's piece for double bass. This is from a series in which he wrote solo pieces for all of the conventional orchestral instruments. 2005

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