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Both of these hanging sculptures utilize several techniques of mixed media including paint, collage, light, metal wiring, photographic transparencies, and wax. The titles refer to the repetitive theme of the hare and rabbit that came up not only in imaging within these works but in conception.

From the notes for Accidental Rabbit Totem #2.

 Affix some cryptic text translated into Latin. Paint over that. Paint some color and then paint over that. Cover it in beeswax. That’s too much wax, get the heat gun and take that wax off. Make images using jars and a macro lens. Print those on some acetate. Does that tree bit look like a divining rod? Good. Why do those images look like rabbits? (Rabbit men?) Why is this not the first time that rabbits have manifested in my work? (Rabbits . . .) I should add a light. Add a light. Not the red light, I guess blue will work.

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