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My 26 minute EP called sharp pointy things comes from using my patches in max/msp programming to emulate free jazz drumming, a patch that can sound super human . . . and also non-human. I adapted that patch engine to pitched synthesizers and improvised guitar in standard tuning and open Bb with it. There is also some turntablism and noisy electronics.

Its physical form is a CD, eco-wallet with no plastic wrapping, but is also available for download on my bandcamp page,

"I believe this EP is at least partially the sound of misunderstanding between computers and humans. My patch was supposed to be an accompanying drummer but it pushed me in another direction. As I adapted, it adapted . . . but it doesn’t quite line up like a group is supposed to. For the listener, the sounds of electronics are never confused with the sound of the guitar. There is a human and there are machines. And they are trying to communicate and create something. They are trying and failing to converse."

Artwork and all sounds by Stephen Germana

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 5.48.36 PM.png
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