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Keep an eye out for the next Land and Buildings recording. (https://land-and-buildings.bandcamp.com/releases)

I had a great time recording guitar, steel, bass, and synth in Detroit at High Bias Recordings with Chris Koltay.

(Also that's not our tiny van and I was looking exhausted after spending nine hours recording.)

June 27 - Thursday - Shantytown Pub, Jacksonville, FL

Stephen Germana is performing a solo set and playing with the Masterpiece Theater led by Jamison Williams.

May 19 - Sunday

NRRF presents Radio B is getting back together for a reunion show for the Radiophrenia Festival in Glasgow Scotland! Check out https://radiophrenia.scot/

May 1 - Wednesday

I'll be playing a solo set in Boynton - Guitar, synth, turntable. Geologist from Animal Collective will play.

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